The World's Most Advanced Vocal Remover

Thompson Vocal Eliminator
TM  Model VE-4
Advancing The Art of Vocal EliminationTM For Over 30 Years - The Only Serious Vocal EliminatorTM
 Manufactured and Sold Exclusively By LT Sound

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Our DSP Computer Upgrade-Ability Protects You - The Original Owner - From Obsolescence
   Don't let the fact that the VE-4 is actually a computer with audio inputs and outputs scare you. Unlike personal computers which can be difficult to use, the VE-4 is actually easier to use because it is computer based. It automatically does things you would have to manually have to do if it were not. The biggest advantage of being computer based is that how well it does it's job is determined by the software program it is running. The program is contained in FLASH memory which can be upgraded by replacing the flash chip.  This is where the improvements in technology come about.
   If there is one factor above all others that we feel puts us light years ahead it is that the VE-4 you purchase is easily upgradeable and at a very low cost. If you are the original owner who purchased directly through LT Sound, you are eligible for upgrades as they become available. Upgrades cost only $30.   It does not have to come back to the factory to be upgraded. You can do it yourself in less than ten minutes! 
   So, your Thompson Vocal Eliminator
TM is not only the best product today, it will remain so for years to come through upgrades which enhance the vocal elimination, vocal enhancement, and key change programs.
   Unlike other products that start out at lower level of performance and remain there, your unit will continue to progress and stay abreast of technological improvements! Like the finest wine, your Vocal EliminatorTM will get even better with time, re-assuring in these days of products being constantly

Upgrades Are Available to Original Purchasers Only.