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Record Your Own CD's If You Have a CD Recorder or Computer CD-ROM.  Easily Record Backgrounds With or Without Your New Vocal.   
  Nowadays, inexpensive stand alone CD Burners and Computer CD Recorders make it easy for you to record your own CDs of the Background Music alone or with your vocals.  The Digital Outputs of the VE4 allow you to capture the recording perfectly in the digital domain.  The VE4 incorporates a subset of the features found in our $5,000 Missing Link Vocal capture platform designed as the most sophisticated Vocal Capture Platform available for studio use.  
   The VE4, a source CD player and a CD Burner are all you need.* You do not need any other mixing or processing equipment to produce the
most professional results. Don't be surprised if you produce better results at home than recordings you may have made in professional studios.  The VE4 is simply as good as it can get.  Automatic mixing, effects, and every enhancement that can possibly be applied to your vocal. 
  Prepare background tapes with the vocal already removed for your live performances. Make tapes of "Your Greatest Hits", or make a d
emo tape to get bookings if you perform professionally. Recording and listening to your vocal work is also one of the best ways to improve your singing abilities and it's also great for vocal instruction.
* (Source CD player must be separate from the CD Burner - A Double Player/Burner still requires a separate source CD player)

"I have been very pleased because now I can make an album/tape of myself with a fabulous background 
and no hassle and very little money. It was almost like a dream come true"
J. Eskridge - Illinois
Greates Thits

Save Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars on Recording Studio Fees.
   Not only will you save money over going to a studio to record, many of our customers tell us they are getting better results than they produced in professional recording studios. You will be able to produce truly professional level recordings in the privacy of your own home with the VE-4. Quality will be limited only by the quality of the source and the quality of the recorder you use. As source material, CDs are going to be quieter than tapes and better if your application is critical. Also a digital format recorder such as a CD Burner,  the MiniDisc, DCC or DAT will give you a far better quality of recording than a cassette. The VE-4 replaces the recording console and studio effects processors. There simply isn't very much a recording studio has to offer in the way of qualitative advantages over the VE-4. They can provide more tracks or channels of recording but that really doesn't change the overall quality of the recording you make or the way you enhance the voice to make it sound professional. The VE-4 will do all the things that really count to give you a truly professional recording in the convenience and privacy of your own home without paying for recording studio time.

How To Record Your Own CDs on Your Computer   (Step by Step Application Note)

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  The VE4's proprietary mic pre-amp design coupled with our 32bit floating point DSP algorithms make the VE4 an incredible vocal capture platform in its own right.   The proprietary design is optimized for pre-amplification of vocal signals. It is perfect for use with large diaphragm  48 volt studio condenser mics such as the AKG C3000B.   By applying a more aggressive EQ prior to digitization we capture effectively 4 more bits of resolution on the top end prior to the A/D conversion.  This is crucial as vocals can require a substantial amount of high frequency equalization. All Equalization, Compression and Limiting is done in the 32 bit floating point domain directly after capture.  This topology insures you that the digital outputs of the VE4 have the highest resolution digital signal possible.  Such processing is simply not possible post capture, as the actual signal resolution is limited in the capture process.  The only platform that is superior to the VE4 is our $5,000 "Missing Link".

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