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The VE4, a CD Player and a Pair of Powered Speakers Are All You Need For a
Professional Performance Sound System !

    If you are tired a lugging around a ton of equipment to professional gigs, the VE4 is the Heart and Soul of a truly incredible PA setup for the solo performer.  You can even use a mini-disc or mp3 player to hold your background music with incredible results.  There are numerous inexpensive, great sounding powered speakers (you need to have either powered speakers or an amplifier and conventional speakers... the VE4 does not contain a power amp) such as the JBL EON, EV Sxa100, or Mackie speakers which have extremely good sound as well as much higher sound output than non pro systems.  It simply doesn't get any lighter or any higher in sound quality than this setup.  The VE4's automatic mixing capability as well as ability to automatically kill the reverb when the music is not playing simplify your performing life tremendously. 
   Simply record your backgrounds with the vocals eliminated and in the key you wish to perform them.  In performance you use the VE4 as the automatic mixer, and superb vocal effects unit.  By recording your backgrounds ahead of time, and in the order and key you wish to perform them, it saves you the headache of playing "disc jockey".  Frankly when you hear how incredible the VE4's vocal enhancement is, you would never consider performing without it.  If you had a top notch engineer running the sound, he couldn't keep up with the VE4's sophisticated mixing and enhancement algorithms which automatically optimize your mix and vocal sound over 300 times a second! 

    Though tiny, the MiniDisc is an extremely high quality audio recorder, perfect for playing back the backgrounds in a performance environment.  What you see is all you need to carry with you to a solo singing gig (except the mic , connection cables and and any stands you may want to use). The VE4 is a mere 19.0 inches wide and weighs in at around 8 lbs.  The speakers shown are the EV Sxa100's which have a built in power amplifier.  They are in the background and look much smaller than they actually are.  They are just shy of two feet tall and  weigh 43 lbs each yet pack an incredible 124dB spl punch with exceptional fidelity and are typically discounted to just under $500 each. Unlike even "professional karaoke" speakers, these are truly professional in fidelity and sound output level. EV or ElectroVoice has made extremely high quality professional speakers for over fifty years.  For an even lighter setup, JBL makes an EON in a 10" version that weighs in at 17 lbs each they have a very decent 121dB spl (sound pressure level) and decent fidelity and a moderate cost (under $600 each) .  If you have muscles and sound output level and fidelity are more important than ease of transport... choose the EV's.   If portability is primary.... choose the EON 10 G2's.   There is not that much difference in cost.
    Regarding sound quality concerns.... you are going to sound far better through the VE4's incredible vocal enhancement and automatic mixing through any speaker system than the best speaker system on the planet without the VE4.  It is by far your most important weapon as a performing singer in sounding your very best.

Vocal Enhancement - Yes It Is For Performance!   MP3 Audio Demo  Vocal Remover
   For some reason, some people think that voice enhancement is for recording and not performing. Nothing could be further from the truth! In reality you need it more for performing.  The VE4's incredible vocal enhancement will do the same exact thing in performance as it does in recording - Make you sound Better Than You Had Ever Believed Possible!. Listen to the audio demo above - Hearing is Believing! Many people purchase the VE4 for it's incredible Vocal Enhancement alone! Indeed it is worth every penny for that function by itself!

Live Performancechast4.jpg (38350 bytes)    
Saves You The Expense of A PA Mixer and Delay and Reverb Effects Units.
    The VE-4 is The Heart of a Professional Performance Sound System. It replaces the PA mixer, and the outboard effects units. This savings alone can pay for the cost of the VE-4 by itself. All you need to add are a pair of professional speakers and an amplifier. You can use your existing tape players for the background music.
   The main reasons to go to something different than your home system are if you need more sound volume than your system can provide or need the ruggedness of professional gear. Do not expect better sound quality than you get from a high quality home system.               

  Convert Your Home Stereo Into a High Quality Performance Sound System.
    Great for parties and to show off your singing abilities. Anyone who has looked at portable karaoke equipment knows you can get much better sound quality and volume from your existing stereo than from the small low quality speakers even the most expensive units have. With the VE-4 you will have everything you need to sound your very best. You will probably be shocked at how great you really can sound over your home system.

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