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Do You Do Vocal Elimination as a Service ?
   No, we sell the equipment that enables you to remove the vocals yourself.

How Much Does It Cost ?
  Go to the Ordering form dialogue box and we will be happy to e-mail you back the pricing information.  Also feel free to call for pricing or to speak with a live human being that can answer your questions.  Our phone is  (770)482-4836.

Is There a Trial Period On The Unit?
In the past have not had a trial period on the unit because one could easily remove the vocals and record their whole record collection within a day or so. We have modified this position to allow a 30 day trial with a nominal 15% restocking fee.   If we didn't have some sort of fee the field would be wide open to people purchasing the unit with the sole intention of recording the songs they need and then returning the product. At the same time we realize that this product is just too expensive to take a gamble on being anything but thrilled with your purchase.  If you have any doubts about whether or not the VE4 will meet your needs, we recommend  a demo of your material if you will send us a CD copy CD's or Tapes.  Do NOT send a cassette copy of your songs.  We must have the originals or a CD copy. If you send the original CD we will return them to you and provide a CD demo of the results.  We will not do the complete song.  We will show you 30 to 45 second portions of each song switching back and forth between the original and the background music. Send 4 to 6 different recordings by different artists.  Do NOT send just one recording.  If it works perfect, you are going to expect everything  to work that well.  By the same token, if it comes out poorly,  if you sent 6 different recordings, it might have been the only one out of the 6 that flopped.  It really takes at least 4 to 6 different recordings by different artist to get a reasonable idea of the range of results you can expect.

How Difficult Is This Thing To Operate ?
   Basic operation of the VE4 is amazingly simple; Just press the "VE" button!  Even though it is used in professional applications, the VE-4 is easy to operate even if you are not a professional.  It is unlike any other piece of equipment you have owned, so reading the manual is important, however we make the manual as short and easy to understand as possible,  Most people are well on their way to using the VE-4 within a couple of hours of receiving the unit. 

 What Equipment Do I Need To Use The VE-4 ?
  The VE-4 connects most easily to a true component system where your tape deck is separate and has it's own power cord as opposed to one which has the tape deck built in.  If you are removing the vocals from CD's this is all you need.  If you are removing the vocal from a tape and want to record the background with or without your new voice, you will need an additional tape deck.  The double tape deck does NOT count as two decks, because it will only make an exact copy of what is in the play side.  You must have a second separate single or dual deck to make a recording from a tape source. 

Do You Have Any Competitors ?
  There are some companies that offer software programs.  Usually this consists of a simple subtraction program.  This is FAR more primitive than the first analog vocal eliminator we started with in 1976.  Even our first eliminators had the following advantages over simple subtraction programs 1)Ability to fine tune for the vocal being off center 2)Ability to fine tune for time errors between the two channels 3)Superior bass restoration - some software programs have NO bass restoration at all 4)The ability to seamlessly edit between the eliminated and non-eliminated versions. This is very important as critical fill parts and instrumental solos will frequently go out and you need to edit out of the eliminated version to preserve those key parts of the mix.  If you cannot do the edit real time (as you are hearing it) and do it seamlessly where there are no ticks , pops or significant level changes, you are stuck with having those parts go out along with the vocal.   We are talking about our very first analog vocal eliminator introduced in 1976!  The VE4 uses digital signal processing and a second completely different algorithm we developed for removing the vocals. 
® for example has no time error correction and no ability to make a seamless edit out of the elimination process to preserve critical instrumental solos. All of our Vocal Eliminators have had this capability since 1978 two years after we started in business!   If they can't outperform us..... well it's easy to "out claim us".   To help you separate fact from fiction we recommend you check out a page we have prepared comparing our unit to Vogone® .   We aren't trying to pick on them but they have specific comparative claims relative to our product that are simply without basis and make claims that we find to be at the very least.... misleading.
   In addition we cannot stress how critical the VE4's vocal enhancement is in completing the picture.   It's common to think if you have Frank Sinatra's backup band, you are going to produce something like what Sinatra's recordings sound like.  Don't forget YOU are the Foreground and the Background is just that...... The Background.   Unless you pull out all
the stops and add 1)High Quality Preamplification 2) Six Bands of Proprietary Vocal EQ 3) Compression 4) De-Essing 5)Limiting 6)Expansion 7)Delay 8)Reverb 9)Automatic Mixing then there is no way you are going to produce something comparable even if you sing better than Sinatra. The VE4 does all this Automatically so even a novice can produce a professional sounding result in performance and on their recordings.
    Also if you consider Karaoke competition.   Karaoke is meant to "introduce" people to singing.  Hence the standards for even "Professional" Karaoke equipment doesn't come close to the standards required in a recording studio.  We provide full studio quality Vocal Enhancement and Key Transposition.  You can still use your Karaoke backgrounds with our unit for the best of both worlds. 

Can I Make a Background Recording Without The Vocal to Sing With ?
   Yes, it is very easy to record the backgrounds with or without your new vocal.  You can record the background onto any recorder you have such as a stand alone CD burner, cassette tape, or MP3 recorder or go into your computer's sound card as well.   If you are removing the vocal from a tape you need a second tape deck to make a recording.  A double tape deck counts as one not two because it makes an exact copy of the original voice and all.  If you are removing the vocal from a CD or other source, you only need one tape deck to record the background.

"I have been very pleased because now I can make an album/tape of myself with a fabulous background and no
hassle and very little money. It was almost like a dream come true"
J. Eskridge - Illinois

What Happens To The Background Singers ?
Because the background vocals are usually mixed off to one side or the other, they are usually not affected.   There are exceptions, but they will almost always remain in the background music.  This is usually exactly what you want as a solo or duo performer.

Why Do Some Recordings Work Better Than Others ?
  It depends on how the recording is mixed in the studio.  In general the louder the background music is relative to the vocal the better.    We will be happy to do demos of your original recordings for you at no charge to show you just how well the VE-4 works on your recordings.  We must work from the original recordings and not a tape copy.  We recommend that you send no less than 4 different recordings by different artists to get an accurate idea of how well the VE-4 will work on your particular recordings.

Can I Use This In a Professional Performance?
    Yes you can.  The VE-4 is used by professional singers as well as television and radio stations.  MTV used the unit for a program called "Lip Service" where they took a music video and had contestants do their vocals in place of the original artists.  Not all recordings work well enough to use in a professional context.  Usually the better half are easily usable and most people can use 75% of their recordings once they get used to using the unit.

What Are The Legalities ?
Many people wonder about the legalities involved with the Thompson Vocal EliminatorTM. In fact, using the Vocal EliminatorTM itself is perfectly legal. The only legal questions, revolve around the copyright laws and the taping of your recordings. Whether you eliminate the voice or not is absolutely irrelevant to whether or not your taping falls under the "Fair Use" or permitted recording provisions of the copyright laws. You can even tape recordings with or without your new vocal as long as you do so under the "Fair Use" provisions of the copyright law. To fall under these provisions, it is generally acknowledged that you must be taping a recording which you have purchased or own and the tape copy must stay in your possession or control.
    Many people confuse copyright laws with performance royalties involving BMI and ASCAP. Performance royalties may be due if you perform a song in a commercial environment. If performance royalties are due, it makes no difference whatsoever whether you are using a live 40 piece orchestra, the Vocal EliminatorTM, or even singing an a'ccapella that matter. Performance royalties are usually paid by the club or establishment owner on an annual basis to BMI or ASCAP.
    Though making a tape of recordings you own and even using that recording to sing in a paid professional performance is generally regarded to fall under the fair use provisions of the copyright law, there are clearly recording applications which fall outside the law. Making a recording of your records and selling or distributing them to others is clearly a violation. Most mall type recording booths get around this by going back into the studio and re-recording the song from scratch.

How Do I Know This Product Does What You Say It Will ?
  We hope it is evident that in stating and showing a range of results that we are interested in presenting an accurate picture of what the product will and will not do.  Otherwise, we could be perfectly "Honest" and show you just the best results, and call them the best results.  Instead, we feel it is important to show you "average" as well as even less than average results so you have a complete picture. 
   If you have any doubt on how well it will work on your particular recordings, then we suggest you allow us to do a free demo of your recordings.  That way you will know Exactly what to expect.  In over 34 years of business manufacturing and selling the Thompson Vocal EliminatorTM , we have had an overwhelming majority of highly satisfied customers. Indeed, the only customers who have not been satisfied have either 1) Not based their expectations on what we claimed for the product ( i.e. expected complete elimination on everything)   or 2) Had technical difficulties they were not willing to work with us to resolve. ( we have extensive Help Line support with extended hours of operation).  
     It is not that unusual to have a customer call up for no other reason! than to tell us how happy they are with the product.   We suggest you also look and listen to our customer comments page for reassurance.

I Already Have A Mixing Board With Vocal Enhancement, Do You Sell a Stripped Down Vocal EliminatorTM ?
   No we do not.  Our objective is to meet the needs of singers with a true passion for singing.  We desire to do so as economically as is consistent with the highest standards of our customers.  Whatever you have in your mixer is not comparable to the vocal enhancement in the VE4.  The VE4's vocal enhancement is second only to our our $5,000 Missing Link vocal capture box.

Is There a Customer In My Area Who's Unit I Can See ?
     We used to give out the name of customers, however it caused problems.  Let's face it, if you bought a new car, you wouldn't appreciate the dealer giving out your name so people could call you up for a test drive.   Therefore, out of respect for our customer's privacy, we do not give out phone numbers.  We will be happy to do a demo of your material free of charge. Click here for details.

Before I Spend That Kind Of Money, I Would Like To Know It Will Work on
My Recordings. Will You Do A Demo of My Recordings Prior to Purchase?

   We will be happy to do demos of your material free of charge. We won't do the whole song.  We will do 30 to 45 seconds switching the voice in and out so you can hear exactly what results you will get on your particular recordings. Click here to find out more.

Does Your Unit Put The Words On a Screen ?
   No.  There is no way to take a "Standard" off the shelf recording and put the words on a screen.  You can, however use a CDG (CD with Graphics) player and specially recorded CDG Karaoke background disks.  You will still be dealing with a "Sound Alike" background and not the original recording, limited availability, and higher cost than using recordings you already own.  It can be fun for parties.  Again, with our unit and the appropriate CDG or DVD player, you can do everyting Karaoke Does, with Much Better Vocal Enhancement and still be able to remove the vocal and sing with your favorite recordings, which you will alread probably know the words to.

I Already Have Karaoke, What Will This Product Do For Me ?
   It will allow you to work from a much broader range of material since karaoke backgrounds are not available for many recordings.  It will also allow you to sound much better than you ever thought possible with the VE-4's incredible Vocal Enhancement.  You can still use your existing Karaoke backgrounds and take advantage of the VE-4's superior Vocal Enhancement and Key Transposer capabilities.

Will This Work On A Choir or Quartet ?
    The VE-4 is recommended for solo parts.  With a quartet, if there is a lead part it will normally go out and the background singers will remain.   If all the singers are singing without a clear lead singer, typically none of them will be eliminated.  There are exceptions where all the singers will go out, but it is not reliable.  A choir will almost never be removed.  If you want the background music for a choir, start with a solo version of the song, remove the vocal, and use that background with your choir.  It usually works great!

What Is A Key Changer ?
    A key changer raises or lowers the key or pitch of a song.   Ours does not change the speed.  If the notes are too high, you can lower all the notes.   If they are too low you can raise them.  Even if you can "hit" all the notes, putting the song in your best key can make the difference between sounding good and sounding Great! Though we have a range of plus or minus 6 semitones, most people only need to go one or two.  Almost all music sounds very natural in this range of key shifting. The further you go, the less natural things sound.  We can go further with our key transposer before we sound un-natural than the other units found in Karaoke equipment.

How Long Have You Guys Been In Business ?
  We have been in business for over 34 years since October 1976 when we introduced the first analog version of the Vocal EliminatorTM .

Can This Remove a Solo Instrumental Part?
   Yes.  Solo instruments are recorded in the same manner as a solo vocal and should produce the same degree of removal. If you would like to hear examples of your recordings, please allow us to do a free demo of your material.

What's the Difference Between the VE-4,VE3+, VE-3,  and The VE-1
 and VE-2+ Units?

    1) The VE-1 and VE-2+ units are analog and not digital. They Cannot be Upgraded.
   2) The VE-1 and VE-2+ will have less vocal elimination and more losses of background instruments than the newer VE-4.
   3)  The VE-1 and VE-2+ and VE-3  have no vocal enhancement for your voice and do not have a key changer. The VE-3+ and VE-4's have Key Changers.
   4) The VE-1 and VE-2+ must be manually tuned for each song.  The tuning of the VE3+ is automatically done by the VE3+ so it is much easier to operate than the VE-2 or VE-2+.    
   5) The VE-4 is the latest generation of Vocal EliminatorTM and is the only one that is currently being upgraded (Original Purchaser Only).   We have no plans to offer a less capable / i.e. less expensive unit.   It became absolutely necessary to upgrade the processor, memory, and provide both digital Input/Output capability to continue to improve the state of the art of Vocal Elimination.  The differences between the VE-4 and the VE3+ are very substantial on all counts.  The elimination is substantially better and any negative impact on the background instruments is substantially less. The vocal enhancement and key changer are improved significantly as well over the VE-3+.  The VE-3+ also does not have digital inputs and outputs and cannot run the more advanced programs the VE-4 can run.   As time goes on, the difference will become even greater.

I Am Just An Amateur, Do I Need Something This Sophisticated ?
   We don't know too many amateurs who actually want to sound like amateurs. More typically they want to "Blow the Socks Off" of their friends and amaze them.  If you are going to do this you really need all the help you can get no matter how good you are.  If you are passionate about singing and really enjoy it, this will be the most enjoyable product you probably will ever purchase.   It's the Ultimate Singing ExperienceTM and if you love singing, it's worth every penny you pay for it.  The worst thing is to get a Karaoke unit and rapidly outgrow it. 

   We specialize in meeting the needs of serious singers.  It is more a question of how serious and passionate you are about singing, than whether or not you make a living by singing.  Also, we don't know too many amateurs who actually want to sound like amateurs. More typically they want to "Blow the Socks Off" of their friends and amaze them.  If you are going to do this you really need all the help you can get no matter how good you are.  If you are passionate about singing and really enjoy it, this will be the most enjoyable product you probably will ever purchase.   It's the Ultimate Singing ExperienceTM and if you love singing, it's worth every penny you pay for it.  The worst thing is to get a Karaoke unit and rapidly outgrow it. 

I Am A Serious Professional, Is This Thing Suitable for 
Professional Applications ?

    Absolutely, the  Vocal EliminatorTM has been used by MTV and numerous Radio Stations as well as professional performers and recording studios.  The Vocal EliminatorTM has been reviewed by MIX magazine the recording industries most authoritative publication.  

Does The VE-4 Remove 100% Of The Vocal ?
   No, though the best results can come very close. How well the Vocal EliminatorTM works on a given song depends on the recording itself. The average result is about 85 to 90% elimination.  The best results can produce almost complete elimination, but this is the exception, not the average.  The worst could remove as little as 70% of the voice.  As a practical matter, once you get 80% or better elimination, with a second voice (the only way anyone is going to be hearing it) you cannot tell that the original vocal was not completely eliminated.   Normally if you start out with 100 recordings most people can easily use 50 of them in a professional context.  Many can use as many as 75 out of 100 once they are used to singing with the backgrounds and know how to mix the new vocal properly.
   With a broad sampling of stereo records by solo artists the results can be broken down into about four equal divisions with 25% of the records producing results in each category.

25% Vocals will be virtually inaudible through most of the record, even without the addition of your new vocal.

25% Vocal will be barely audible without your new vocal being added and completely inaudible with the addition of
your new vocal.

25% Vocal will be audible but at a substantially reduced volume. Complete masking of the original is possible but
requires a high quality new vocal with equalization and echo or reverb like that provided by the VE-4

25% Borderline or non usable results.

Compact discs generally produce the best overall results with records being the second best and tapes producing not quite as good results as either records or compact discs. You will have some tapes that work better than some CDs since the main variable is how the recording was mixed in the studio. However, the same exact recording on a CD will produce about 5% better elimination than the same recording on a record and about 5-7% better elimination than the same recording on a cassette tape.

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