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    Super Low Noise Mic PreAmp   48 Volt Phantom Power (Switchable)   Proprietary 6 Band Vocal Equalizer   High Quality A/D
              Compressor    Limiter    Expander     DeEsser      Echo and Reverb     Optical and Coax Digital Outputs





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    No Experience Necessary - With the Latest 2013 Version of software, the VE4 Automatically does what a top notch engineer would do to make your vocal sound it's best both in recording and performance. If you want to tweak, however you do have the ability to access all of the parameters of the VE4's operation and store your own presets.  It's the best of both worlds!  In addition to it's Stellar Mic Pre / A/D and Signal Processing, think of  it as your "Engineer In a Box".  In the studio, it's the ultimate vocal capture platform with the highest quality digital input to your Digital Audio Workstation of choice.   In live performance, even the mixing levels in performance are automatic.   The VE4 even can automatically kill the reverb in a performance so when you speak to the audience it doesn't sound like you are in a tunnel.  This is one smart box!    We've taken our 34 years of experience designing professional signal processors; EQs, Compressors, Limiters, Expanders, and Echo and Reverb units and put it all into one box.   We use the SHARC 32 bit Floating point DSP the signal processing to ultimately deliver a 24 bit signal to the coax and digital outputs. You also have 3 pairs of analog outputs for your other gear.  The VE4 is used as the ultimate vocal capture platform in studios using ProTools, Cubase, Sonar, or whatever you DAW of choice.  Because you can take it with you on stage, it gives continuity between the sound you produce in the studio and the sound you produce on stage.  The audio demo above gives you just a brief glimpse of the VE4's stellar Vocal Enhancement abilities.   You can tweak and store instantly recallable presets with different EQ, Dynamics Processing, and Effects for performance, practice, recording, and vocal capture.   We have built professional compressors, equalizers and reverbs and incorporate the very highest quality vocal enhancement to be found.  You do not have to be a "techie" to use the VE4 as the automatic optimization built into the unit will allow you to get truly professional results with the purely automatic operation.  If you want to tweak, you can... and you can store your favorite presets in the VE4's memory.
   In addition to simultaneous Echo and Reverb which are optimized for vocal enhancement the VE4 provides the following:  Compressor, De-Esser, Limiter, Expander, Studio Quality Digital EQ optimized for voice.  It took over 30 years of tweaking to end up with the VE4's proprietary Vocal EQ!  There is one "Magic Curve" EQ that does most of the "Heavy Lifting".  EQs sound more "musical" when they are broad, but if they are broad, they must be in the right place.    The VE4 is purchased by many of our customers strictly for its vocal enhancement for recording or for live performance.  It has almost all the features of our $5,000 "Missing Link" Vocal Capture Platform for a fraction the price.  You have your choice of the VE4's automatic mode, for all or some of the effects, where the adjustments are automatically and expertly made by the VE4 or choosing semi-automatic or manual adjustment of individual parameters.  
    Even technophobes should find the VE4 to be user friendly despite its incredible sophistication.  All settings can be stored in the VE4's non-volatile FLASH memory for instant recall, so when you get the "magic combination" that works for you, you can save and recall it at will.  Store different presets for performing, practice or performance. 
    It all starts with the mic pre-amp and the VE4 is designed from the mic jack forward strictly for vocal use. This allows us to effectively capture 4 more "real" bits of resolution at the higher frequencies.  Phantom power (True 48 volt), adjustable gain, and the lowest noise transistors on the planet, give the VE4's mic input stage advantages for vocal work over the best "general purpose" mic preamps even on $250,000 consoles.  The VE4 has an "AutoClip" mode where if any clipping at all occurs (even for one sample), the screen will alert you and automatically leave the meter up for for twenty seconds for you to back off on the mic gain.     

  Super Low Noise Mic Preamlifier with Switchable 48 Volt Phantom power and Preamp Gain Control
Allow you to use the highest quality studio microphones.  ( Mic Not Included )


   All our DSP processing is done with the Analog Devices SHARC 32 bit floating point processor.  All of the expertise of over twenty-five years of designing studio audio signal processing equipment have been tapped and the VE4 has the world's most advanced algorithms for EQ , Compression, Limiting, Expansion, De-Essing, X-Iter, and the lushest combination of echo and reverb you will ever hear enveloping the human voice. All parameter adjustments are storable for instant recall in performance, practice, or recording environments. The noise gating and expansion is silky smooth, and all the parametric bands have sample by sample dynamic gain adjustment which allows us to back off on the high EQ boost when no vocal is present.  We are using a combination of  dynamic EQ adjustment and gain adjustment in the gating. Same is true for the limiting and De-Essing.  Sample by sample gain adjustment allows nuance and control over the EQ itself, Compression, and De-Essing in a manner simply not possible with separate units or conventional signal processing topologies.  Output through the VE4's digital optical or coax connectors or any of the VE4's three pairs of stereo analog outputs.
    You really have no idea just how great you can sound until you hear your voice through the Studio Quality vocal enhancement provided by the VE-4!   Don't forget that You are the star of the show! The background music is just that, the background. You are the foreground! We provide professional vocal enhancement identical to what you hear on your best recordings rather than the cheap echo effect found on most Karaoke units.

Eleven Vocal Enhancement Programs!
   The VE-4 gives you eleven excellent voice enhancement programs. We use both delay and reverb which is crucial to making you sound your best! Unlike even the best pro reverbs which have to compromise to sound acceptable on drums, instruments and vocals, our programs are optimized specifically for vocal work! This unit is going to spoil you and you will never want to sing again without it!   You can even use the Delay/Reverb independently if you have a mixing board or a porta-studio. This will save you money since you won't need to buy an echo and reverb unit.
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