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Thompson Vocal Eliminator
TM  Model VE-4
Advancing The Art of Vocal EliminationTM For Over 39 Years - The Only Serious Vocal EliminatorTM

Unlimited, Low Cost, Instantly Available Background Music From the Original Source

  Thompson Vocal EliminatorTM
       The best way to convince yourself of the VE4's superior performance is to listen to the instantly playing audio demos below. Just hover your mouse over the track you want to listen to and it should start playing instantly!  For over thirty years since we developed the world's first Vocal EliminatorTM we have been improving on the State of the Art in removing vocals. And with software upgrades released approximately every 6 to 9 months the VE4 just keeps getting better and better! Utilizing Two Distinctly Different Methods for Vocal Removal  (both of which we developed).
  Making the world's best Vocal Eliminator
TM is both Art and Science. Heavy Duty Art and Heavy Duty Science. What was once "True" for the Vocal Eliminators of the 70's  - No longer is true and certainly does not apply to the VE4.  Even what was "True" of  the high water mark with our last software update months ago is no longer true with the current release!  We are committed to moving the technological ball forward and things just keep improving!   Listen to the demos below and keep coming back as they continue to get even better!   Listen to the True Stereo, and the fidelity of the instruments. In each software update we move the ball forward with better vocal removal and better fidelity.   As the original purchaser of a VE4, your first software update is free and subsequent ones are $35. This is a special privilege extended only to the original purchaser.

     MP3 Audio Demos of Some of The Best Results From Different Categories of Music

    MP3 Audio Demos
  Place Mouse Pointer Over Selection Below to
  Play the MP3
- ( High Speed Connection Needed )

MP3 Downloads for Slower Connections
1 Overview What It Does. (2.3 MBytes)
2 Range of Results Showing Best, Average, and
                                     Less Than Average Results (5.2 MBytes)
3) Vocal Enhancement (1.8 MBytes)
4) Key Transposer (3.4 MBytes)
5 History of The Vocal EliminatorTM and LT Sound (5.3 MBytes)
6 Examples With A New Vocal by Lacy Thompson, Jr. (5.1 MBytes)

Examples of Some of The Best Results from Various Categories. 
Please Use Track 2 Above to Set Expectations for Overall Results.
7 Standards - Sinatra, Tony Bennett,  Neal Diamond, Tom Jones, Dean
 Martin, Patsy Cline, Andy Williams, Johnny Rivers, etc. (4.2 MBytes)
8 Hits of Today (5.1 MBytes)
9 Country  (7.8 MBytes)
10 Classic Rock (5.6 MBytes)
11 ELVIS! (5.8 MBytes)
12 Christian Music (6.9 MBytes)

13 International Music  Indian, Israeli, Spanish, etc. (4.6 MBytes)

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For Over 39 Years - The Only Serious Vocal EliminatorTM   Providing The World's
Best Vocal Elimination and  World Class Vocal Enhancement with Key Change

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USED UNITS ARE NOT UPGRADEABLE - The demos on this web site reflect the performance of the VE4 with the latest software.  Units running earlier versions of the software will not produce similar results unless the software is brought up to date.  What makes the unit new or up to date is the software improvements we have made over the years and continue to make.   Approximately every six to nine months we release a new version of the software improving the performance and often adding new features.  So one VE4 is not the same as another VE4 unless they are running the same software.   The VE4 has been in production for over 10 years and will be in production for the foreseeable future. The improvements to the software have been dramatic and show no signs of slowing down.  We have a large list of additional enhancements to both the vocal elimination and the vocal enhancement that will come over time with the software upgrades.
    The ability to upgrade the software is a special privilege extended only to the original purchaser.    We do not upgrade, support or repair second and third hand purchases other than to provide copies of the owners manuals on our web site.  You are totally on your own if you purchase a used unit.  We have seen units that were over 10 years old advertised as "Brand New - Never Used", units without power packs, non LT Sound power packs,  units that were non functional and numerous other horror stories.  Our general advice if you want to roll the dice is to insist on a copy of the original invoice so you know how old the unit actually is and that it was legitimately purchased; insist on a picture of the front of the unit with the power on showing that the screen actually does come up, and a picture of the power pack which should say "LT Sound" on it.  Find out the software version as you will not be able to take advantage of new releases.  It could have other issues, hardware wise, or out of date software so that is by no means a clean bill of health and you are on your own in this arena.  We warned you so don't come crying to us when you get burned.  There is a seller in Knightdale, NC that makes a practice out of buying and reselling used units which is one of the primary reasons we have had to draw a hard line on our policies.  We do occasionally get a used unit we can resell with a three year warranty, factory support, and the ability to upgrade the software.   If the price of our product is outside your budget this is likely a much better option, and frequently the price is either comparable or even lower than we have seen used.   Most importantly you will get a unit that is upgradeable, factory support and with all the latest hardware and software modifications and the ability to keep pace with future improvements and feature enhancements.


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