The World's Most Advanced Vocal Remover

Thompson Vocal Eliminator
TM  Model VE-4
Advancing The Art of Vocal EliminationTM For Over 30 Years - The Only Serious Vocal EliminatorTM
 Manufactured and Sold Exclusively By LT Sound

Customer Comments
Vocal Remover
I have the VE4 set up in my studio. I tried it last night 
for the first time. FANTASTIC! It is better than I thought. I used the first 
type of the VE in the early 80's and man, it has improved so much.
 It was worth the money.

D.Marsh - CEO/Damar Enterprises, Inc.

I received my VE4 yesterday and I was amazed at what it can do. For sure I will enjoy this for years. I've shown it to my friends and they too were impressed by the performance of this unit, and is thinking of buying one in the near future. The manual is so easy to understand and application is easy too. the DSP is excellent I can't believe my ears to hear my voice change while I use both automatic and manual adjustments. Vocal elimination is almost perfect but I'm hoping that you have some software upgrades now available online. I can't find it in your website. But overall I am sure that I got my money's worth with this piece of equipment added to my audio/video system.
 Thanks again and more power. God bless

E. Khu   Carson, CA

I just want to tell you that I've been using your Vocal Eliminator since the 
mid 1980's and IT'S THE BEST THING I EVER BOUGHT!!! I've had hours of fun 
with it ... I have a huge collection of tapes featuring me singing with the 
Count Basie Orchestra, with the Beatles backing me, with Billy Joel playing 
piano for me ... and it's given me an endless supply of material.

I'd be happy to provide any testimonial or sample tape you may want for 
advertising purposes. I am just thrilled with what the Thompson VE does!!!!

Mark Ellis

I am very very pleased with the performance of the VE4. It has 
exceeded all of my expectation's. I am very very sorry I didn't have
 this piece of equipment , the VE4 , 20 years ago.  
I haven't made many recordings, but I am pleased with the one's I 
have done. I am just too busy singing and learning new song's. 
As soon as I get a CD burner I will fill it with songs and send it to you. 
I can't thank you enough, Thank's 

G. J. Honeycutt 

"I have been very pleased because now I can make an album/tape of myself with a fabulous background and no hassle and very little money. It was almost like a dream come true"
J. Eskridge - Illinois

MIX Magazine States: "LT Sound's
performance claims were quite accurate and their
demo disc provided a very good sense of
what the VE-1 could and could not do."

April - 88 Field Test

"When an associate of mine showed me his Thompson Vocal Eliminator, I was skeptical of it's operation. But after actually seeing it work, I am convinced that in my industry, it is the best piece of equipment I own. Since my first introduction to the TVE, I have used it almost daily to make demo tapes and it has proven to be a reliable performer. Using the TVE, I am able to cut demo tapes without the use of bands and it eliminates relying on a performer's own demo tapes. In this way, I can cut my cost and increase my productivity. The only way I can express my thanks for this great product is to say  "Thanks" and I really do dig it!
M.Fox - N. Carolina

"I have been very pleased with the TVE. I have shown it to two others who have also purchased TVE's after seeing and hearing mine."
R. Brady - Tennessee

"Earlier this year I purchased a Thompson Vocal Eliminator from you. To tell you that I am extremely pleased with it would be an extreme understatement. I used it with students in a recital. Both they and their parents were favorably impressed."
C. Wilkinson - Virginia

A year ago I purchased a Thompson Vocal Eliminator from your company. I'm writing to express my complete satisfaction in your products. People can't believe how professional it sounds and how easy it is to eliminate vocals. I must admit at first when I read about your equipment, I was apprehensive. I didn't believe it was possible. After I ordered the equipment and put it to use, I know now I should have ordered it immediately. It was more than I had expected, much more! I've never written a company to thank them for sending something I paid for. Your company deserves this recognition. Once again, Many Thanks for all you have done for me and a big Thank You to the Help Line"
R. Owens, Sr. - Maryland

"This is just a little note to let you know that I am sure having a lot of fun with my Thompson Vocal Eliminator. I didn't have any trouble at all learning how to operate it. I think the TVE is the greatest thing that has come along in a long time. - On many of my tapes, I sound like a real professional."
G. Arthur - Georgia

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