The World's Most Advanced Vocal Remover

Thompson Vocal Eliminator
TM  Model VE-4
Advancing The Art of Vocal EliminationTM For Over 30 Years - The Only Serious Vocal EliminatorTM
 Manufactured and Sold Exclusively By LT Sound

                Why The VE-4 Is Better Than Karaoke
The Original Recording and Not a Karaoke Imitationstudio2.jpg (14239 bytes)
Unlike Karaoke which is an imitation of the original recording without the vocal, we use the original recording. Anyone who has used karaoke backgrounds has had the experience of backgrounds which don't come close to the original in quality or arrangement style. This is understandable when you consider that some artists spend into the millions of dollars and take over a year recording one album! With the Thompson Vocal EliminatorTM you are working with the original recording.

Gives You Backgrounds Not Available on Karaoke
   Only a fraction of the songs which have been recorded are available on Karaoke. With the Thompson Vocal EliminatorTM any true stereo recording is a potential background. This gives you material which is unobtainable in any other way.

World Class Vocal Enhancement. MP3 Audio Demo
    You really have absolutely No Idea just how incredible your voice can sound until you hear yourself through the VE4's incredible Vocal Enhancement.  Some people purchase the VE4 for the Vocal Enhancement Alone.  It is perhaps the best "vocal capture" platform for recording and it insures that your performances will have the same consistent incredible sound when your perform live.

Instantly Available Background Music From All Stereo Sources;
Records, Tapes, CDs, Even FM Broadcasts and MP3!

Instead of waiting for a karaoke imitation of the song, you can work with the original as soon as it is released. No more waiting for backgrounds to come out and you can use material while it is still fresh and not after everyone is burned out on an over-played hit. The VE-4 works with all stereo sources including Tapes, CDs, Records, Laserdiscs, Stereo TV and Radio Broadcasts as well as any new formats which may appear in the future!  MP3 files will work if originally recorded with a high quality encoder (many are not) and played back on a high quality decoder.

Saves You Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars On Background Music
Typical Karaoke background tapes cost $12 and usually have four or five songs on them. Often you only care about one of them. With the Thompson Vocal EliminatorTM you can even work from FM Broadcasts as well as other stereo sources like MTV. Over time the Vocal EliminatorTM will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and give you instant access to background music unobtainable through any other method.

Does Everything Karaoke Does...Better, and Gives You Advantages Karaoke Can't!
The VE-4 is the best way to do Karaoke! First of all you can do all types of karaoke for which you have players. You can use Karaoke tapes, CDs and even LaserDiscs with your standard laserdisc player. And the quality when using Karaoke backgrounds through the VE-4is much better than through a karaoke system because of our
superior quality of vocal enhancement, key change, auto-mix and other features simply not found on Karaoke equipment. An average home system has sound quality and volume far better than the best portable karaoke units. Also our ability to produce fully professional recordings and serve as a mixer/effects unit for a professional PA is a big advantage. What most people find they use the most is Thompson Vocal Eliminator
TM because of the low cost, instant availability, unlimited selection, and the fact that they are using the original backgrounds.
Superior Sound Quality Through Your Component System or Professional PA
Even the "best" "professional" Karaoke units have mediocre components and speakers.  A mid quality home component system has much better sound quality and components.   

Vocal Remover

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