Going "Galt"  - Dropping Out For Good Reason
   In Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" the protagonist John Galt starts a movement of the greatest producers to "drop out"; take menial work and withhold their participation in a society and government that takes the fruits of their creation and squanders it on the non-producers.  In the book it was a socialistic society overrun by governmental bureaucrats.
    Today's world is vastly different.   Far from the corporations being victimized by the government... The banks and corporations Own and Control the Government.  I see the threats in the US today not as socialism but Fascism.     Forget the two party charade... that's all it is; a "divide and conquer" tactic.   It's not "our" government.  Hasn't been for a long time.   George Carlin hit the nail on the head.
     The corporations have been amazingly successful at expanding their power by moving landmark case after case before the "Fascist Five" of the Supreme Court.   I thought I was being novel by calling these criminals the "Fascist Five".   Then I Googled "fascist five" and "supreme court" and came up with page after page of hits....  I was encouraged that not all Americans are asleep at the wheel.

   As for me, I've come to realize that my participation in the current US economic system feeds the parasites; the Banks, corporations, the government - controlled by the banks and corporations, and the Military Industrial Complex.   I'm sick of reading about predator drones killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan or Pakistan.  During the Vietnam war Alexander Haig when asked about the war protests is reported to have said..... "Let them protest all they want..... as long as they pay their taxes."
    That's the real score.  Pay your taxes and pick corporate candidate "R" or corporate candidate "D".   It's not your government and it's not mine.  As George Carlin said; "Forget the politicians, they're there to give you the illusion of choice.  You have no choice you have Owners .... They Own You."
     I'm going to pay every tax dollar I am legally required to pay... but I am actively restructuring my life to minimize those dollars.   Get the roof over your head paid for, get out of all forms of debt and you'd be surprised how few dollars it takes to live a decent life when you quit feeding the parasites.  I have more time for "life".   I also sleep better at night.
     How about you..... are you ready to quit "feeding" these cockroaches?


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