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  The first step is to receive the free literature with the demo tape.  We require that all persons placing orders receive the brochure and the demo tape prior to placing an order.  The literature and the demo tape are free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever.  There will be a contact number for the main office in the literature to answer any additional questions you may have.
     We will be happy to send you pricing, shipping, and availability information if you will complete the information below - Note we Must have your email address to reply with the pricing information.   We sell our products strictly on a direct basis to the end user and we do not sell our product  through dealers.    We will be happy to do a demo of your material prior to purchase to show you exactly what the VE-4 can do with your recordings.   
   If you wish, you can also go to our Internet Literature Page for MP3 Audio Demos and the Brochure in Electronic Media.

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Note: If You Receive A Form Error Message, Please Send Your Complete Mailing Address  to  and We Will be Sure The Literature is Sent to You.

You may also contact us directly by email at
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