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Thompson Vocal Eliminator
TM  Model VE-4
 Manufactured and Sold Exclusively By LT Sound

     The world's most advanced Vocal EliminatorTM is also the easiest to use.  The VE4 automatically adjusts and fine tunes itself over three hundred times each second adjusting over 43 parameters to produce the most vocal elimination with the least impact on the background instruments.  Including truly World Class Vocal Enhancement and Digital Key Change the VE4 is the centerpiece of your Home Recording Studio or Professional Sound System.     If you are looking for something Better Than Karaoke  or the Rolls Royce of Karaoke, you have come to the right place.

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 "I Have the VE-4 Set Up In My Studio. I Tried It Last Night For The First Time. FANTASTIC!  It's Better Than I Had Thought.  I Used The First Type of VE In The Early 80's  and   Man It Has Improved So Much!  It Was Worth The Money.
D. Marsh CEO - Image Group Entertainment, Inc.

 For over 30 years since we invented the world's first Vocal EliminatorTM back in 1976,  our "Mission In Life" has been to meet the needs of truly Serious Singers professional and amateur all over the world with the best solutions for Vocal Elimination and Vocal Enhancement.   We invented not one but two distinctly different methods of removing the vocal from standard off the shelf recordings.  The VE4 is the only item that employs Both of these methods through advanced proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms implemented on it's SHARC 32 Bit Processor.  Most people are familiar with the "center channel" elimination concept we started with, however even our first analog vocal eliminators provide results superior to any computer programs which claim similar results. The VE4 is in a whole different league. Listen to our demos and you'll be convinced!  We are the only company in the world  specializing in vocal elimination. If you are truly serious about singing the VE-4 will be the most important purchase you will make. 
   The VE4 is the centerpiece for Both a Home Recording Studio and a Professional Performance Sound system providing Vocal Elimination, Key Change, and World Class Vocal Enhancement far beyond "Professional" karaoke sound systems.   We have been referred to by some as the "Rolls Royce" of Karaoke.  Frankly we consider "karaoke" a  "bad name" and only use it with some reservation.    If you are looking for something far better than karaoke..... something that will allow you to produce truly professional recordings in your own home studio and help you sound your very best in live performance, you have come to the right place.
   The proof is in the pudding! Listen to our MP3 Demos.....  Read our Customer Comments .   

For Over 30 Years - The Only Serious Vocal EliminatorTM   Providing The World's Best Vocal Elimination
and  World Class Vocal Enhancement with Key Change

When You Want Something Better Than Karaoke - A Must For The Serious Singer
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