The Only Professional Vocal Remover
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Thompson Vocal EliminatorTM  Model VE-4
Manufactured and Sold Exclusively By LT Sound

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Brochure ( PDF Format 340 KBytes ) 
Order Form (PDF)
VE4 Owner's Manual (PDF)
How To Record Your Own CDs on Your Computer

MP3 Audio Demos
1 Overview What It Does. (2.3 MBytes)
2 Range of Results Showing Best, Average, and Less Than Average Results (5.2 MBytes)
3 History of The Vocal EliminatorTM and LT Sound (5.3 MBytes)
4 Examples With A New Vocal by Lacy Thompson, Jr. (5.1 MBytes)
Examples of Some of The Best Results from Various Categories. 
Please Use Track 2 Above to Set Expectations for Overall Results.
5 Standards - Sinatra, Tony Bennett,  Neal Diamond, Tom Jones, Dean
 Martin, Patsy Cline, Andy Williams, Johnny Rivers, etc. (4.2 MBytes)
6 Hits of Today (5.1 MBytes)
7 ELVIS! (5.8 MBytes)

8 International Music  Indian, Israeli, Spanish, etc. (4.6 MBytes)