The Only Professional Vocal Remover
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Thompson Vocal EliminatorTM  Model VE-4
Manufactured and Sold Exclusively By LT Sound

LT Sound MP3 Audio Demos
These are tracks from our Audio CD which you may obtain by
going to the Literature and Pricing Link Below.

1 Overview What It Does.
2 Range of Results Showing Best, Average, and Less Than Average Results
3 History of The Vocal EliminatorTM and LT Sound
4 Examples With A New Vocal by Lacy Thompson, Jr.

5 Key Transposer

     Below are Examples of Some of The Best Results from Various Catagories. 
           Please Use Track 2 Above to Set Expectations for Overall Results.

6 Standards - Sinatra, Tony Bennett,  Neal Diamond, Tom Jones, Dean
 Martin, Patsy Cline, Andy Williams, Johnny Rivers, etc.
7 Hits of Today

8 Classic Rock
9 Country

11 Christian Music
12 International Music  Indian, Israeli, Spanish, etc.

How to Get A Demo of Your Particular Recordings   
NOTE: You Must Listen to The Second Cut Above : 
"Range of Results" Prior to Being Eligible
To Have a Demo of Your Material.

   We will be happy to do demos of your particular recordings.  Do NOT send a cassette copy of your songs. We must have the original store-bought records, tapes, or CD's unless you can burn a CD of the original recordings. A digital copy is the only copy that is acceptable. MP3 recordings, even though they may sound fine on normal listening frequently produce artifacts in the eliminated version that would not occur on the original recording, so MP3 recordings are NOT acceptable at the current time.   We will return your recordings to you and provide the tape for the demo itself. We will not do the complete song. We will show you 30 to 45 second portions of each song switching back and forth between the original and the background music. Send 4 to 6 different recordings by different artists. 

   Do NOT send just one recording. If it works perfectly, you are going to expect everything to work that well. By the same token, if it comes out poorly, if you sent 6 different recordings, it might have been the only one out of the 6 that flopped.  It really takes at least 4 to 6 different recordings by different artist to get a reasonable idea of the range of results you can expect.
Send Your Recordings to: 
                  LT Sound
, Demo Dept   7980 LT Parkway   Lithonia, GA 30058

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