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Thompson Vocal Eliminator
TM  Model VE-4
Advancing The Art of Vocal EliminationTM For Over 34 Years - The Only Serious Vocal EliminatorTM
 Manufactured and Sold Exclusively By LT Sound

How to Get A Demo of Your Particular Recordings   
Nothing is more convincing of the VE4's incredible performance than hearing it work on YOUR songs!  This is why we do demos of your material free of charge.  With a product that costs over $2,000.00 a demo provides an extra level of confidence if there is any doubt the VE4 will meet your needs.
NOTE: We do 45 second excerpts switching the voice in and out.  This allows you to critically judge both the amount of elimination and the quality of the background instruments. We do not do the complete song. The purpose of doing the demo is to give you assurance of the results on your music prior to purchase, not provide a usable final product.
Call the Office at (770)482-4836 For The Email or Physical Address To Send Your Recordings for Demo.  We also need to insure we have your return address and your email is very important as we typically upload your demo to our website and send you the link so you can listen almost immediately.
The ideal scenario is for you to burn directly from the original CD to another CD without converting to an mp3.  Recording to a wav file is fine as that preserves all of the  quality on the original CD.  It's best to send 10-12 songs spread out amongst the various artists you expect to work from.  We can work with mp3s but you will always get  a little bit better result from the original CD. 
   Do NOT send just one recording.  It really takes at least 4 to 6 different recordings by different artist to get a reasonable idea of the range of results you can expect. We actually suggest 10-12 songs.

  Send Your Recordings to: 
                  LT Sound, Demo Dept   7980 LT Parkway   Lithonia, GA 30058

                                                        Phone (770)482-4836
     MP3 Audio Demos
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MP3 Downloads for Slower Connections  Vocal Remover

1 Overview What It Does.
2 Range of Results Showing Best, Average, and Less Than Average Results
3 History of The Vocal EliminatorTM and LT Sound
4 Examples With A New Vocal by Lacy Thompson, Jr.

5 Key Transposer

     Below are Examples of Some of The Best Results from Various Catagories. 
           Please Use Track 2 Above to Set Expectations for Overall Results.

6 Standards - Sinatra, Tony Bennett,  Neal Diamond, Tom Jones, Dean
 Martin, Patsy Cline, Andy Williams, Johnny Rivers, etc.
7 Hits of Today

8 Classic Rock
9 Country

11 Christian Music
12 International Music  Indian, Israeli, Spanish, etc.

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